Ms. Claire Hogenson was born and raised in Katy Texas and has been working with horses for over 20 years.  In addition, she has worked as a veterinary technician for both large and small animal veterinarians since her teenage years. She is a college graduate, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of Houston in 2009.

Claire’s riding career began as a young child.  Over the years she has had the privilege of working with several trainers that stressed proper horsemanship and technical riding and jumping techniques with a strong foundation in dressage.  She was also fortunate to have a mother who taught riding lessons when she was a child, allowing her to spend her early childhood days learning about horse care and riding.  She has shown on the local hunter/jumper circuits as well as at nationally ranked “AA” shows across the country winning numerous awards including both local and regional championships as well as numerous year end awards.

Ms. Hogenson has worked with numerous breeds of horses including but not limited to thoroughbreds, quarter horses, warmbloods, draft horses and gaited breeds. Her varied experience with a wide range of breeds enables her to develop training programs unique to each horses needs. She has a passion for retraining thoroughbred racehorses and training younger or inexperienced horses. She believes bringing young horse’s along slowly and bringing out each horse’s natural abilities creates sound minded, happy sporthorses who will enjoy their jobs.

Recently, Ms. Hogenson attended Equissage Texas, a school of equine sports massage, where she earned her certification as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist.  As a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist she has the ability to address equine musculoskeletal issues that ultimately may improve many undesirable behavioral issues exhibited by horses as a result of muscular issues connected to pain and discomfort when ridden.  In many cases, once muscular issues have been treated, undesirable behaviors can be resolved such that they are not longer an issue.  Equine Sports Massage is used to treat many ailments including but not limited to muscular fatigue and soreness, management of equines with EPM as well as rehab post injury or surgery.  

Ms. Hogenson truly enjoys not only teaching people how to ride a horse, but more importantly she attempts to instill confidence in her students while learning proper horsemanship. She believes that this is the foundation for a sound relationship and bonding between the horse and rider.  Claire strives to provide a safe, fun, affordable and family friendly barn environment where people can share an overall love of horses.

Equine Manager/Riding Instructor:  Claire Hogenson
Claire Hogenson
Claire Hogenson
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